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MOD NANAHead Mod | Writer Mod | Organization ModZine Experience
Running with the Waves: a Nami Zine / Writer Mod | Social media mod
Let's Magical cooking~! / Head Mod | Social media mod
Sinnoh Jewels / Pinch Social Media
Why do you love our Marimo Man?
Muscles big, heart big, loved him since 2004 when he was named Zolo 🙏

MOD ASTERIAFinance ModZine Experience
Rebuttal Showdown: a Danganronpa Antagonist Zine / Finance Mod
Set Your Heart: a HypMic AU Zine / Finance Mod
The Prince Route: a GeoKata Fannovel / Finance Mod | Shipping Mod | Production Mod
Why do you love our Marimo Man?
My precious little boi grabby hands I like how he strives to grow but like still not losing himself? AFAKAGA

MOD COLOURSGraphic Mod | Formatting ModZine Experience
Antigravity Zine: an Ochako Zine / Graphics Mod
When Stars Align: a BakuDeku Zine / Graphics Mod
Running with the Waves: a Nami Zine / Graphics Mod
Why do you love our Marimo Man?
Muscles, his bronze skin, his lost ass
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Mod Yuuki

MOD NOURShipping Mod | Production ModZine Experience
I Only Have You: a Vmin Zine / Main Mod | Shipping Mod | Finance Mod | Production Mod
The Seventh Station: bts Studio Ghibli zine / Shipping Mod
Rewind: a BTS retro zine / Main Mod | Shipping Mod | Finance Mod | Production Mod
Why do you love our Marimo Man?
Sobs, my absolute role model as a child and teen growing up, he is just so brave and strong and selfless ❤️

Mod Yuuki

MOD YUUKISocial media Mod | Organisation ModZine Experience
Adamantem: a KiriTodo Zine / Graphics Mod
BNHA Nippon Zine / Head Mod | Social Media Mod | Organisation Mod | Graphics & Layout Mod
Moonless Sky Zine: a Diabolik Lovers Fanzine / Head Mod | Social Media Mod | Organisation Mod | Graphics & Layout Mod
Why do you love our Marimo Man?
I love how he's so reliable and loyal, always there to help his nakamas! And also, he's cool, good-looking and unintentionally funny so we have to love him~ hahah
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Interest Check September 15th - October 15th
Mod Applications October 30th - November 20th
Contributor Applications December 20th - January 20th
Acceptance Emails January 25th
CHECK-INSPitches Due February 8th
Pitches Approved No Later Than February 15th
1st Check-In March 14th - March 16th
2nd Check-In April 14th - April 16th
3rd Check-In May 14th - May 16th
Final Check-In June 14th - June 16th
Formatting Period TBD
Preorder Opening July 1st
Preorder Closing September 1st
Production & Shipping September - January 2023
Leftover Sales Opening May 10th
Leftover Sales Closing June 11th
Project Concluded July 15th 2023


1. What is a zine?A zine is an anthology of works by various creators based on a central theme or topic.2. What is this zine about?This zine will be a character centric zine, a zine that focuses on one individual character, in our case, Roronoa Zoro from the anime/manga series One Piece.3. Will this zine feature any ships?At this time, the moderator team has decided to not include romantic ships in our zine. If you would like to explore platonic ships, or friendships, we are open to this being present in our zine!4.Who is organizing this zine?Information about our full moderator team can be found here on our Carrd!5. What is the timeline for this zine?Please refer to our proposed schedule on our Carrd, please note that if any schedule changes are made we will make announcements on all of our social media pages.6. Will this zine be for-profit, for-charity, or a mix?We will be moving forward as a for-profit project!7. What types of contributors are the moderator team looking for?We will be looking for page artists, merch artists, and writers!8. How will contributors be compensated?All contributors will be guaranteed a digital version of the zine, with any digital merchandise. Our goal is to be able to send every contributor a complete full bundle, including a physical zine and all merchandise!9. How many contributors will be in the zine?This will be finalized at a later date!

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